Fire Door Inspections Logic Safety Solutions

Fire doors save lives and protect property, they are an essential part of a buildings passive fire protection, ensuring that the buildings compartmentation is to a suitable standard, helping to minimise the spread of fire whilst allowing persons to leave the building safely.

Building owners that fail to comply with the regulations can be prosecuted and fined or even serve a prison sentence. Recent prosecutions have been severe, even for seemingly trivial issues such as failing to fit fire seals and door closers or leaving fire doors wedged open.

To ensure peace of mind, that your fire doors have been assessed competently, it is advisable to seek the advice of a qualified professional.

Our inspectors will conduct a thorough inspection, not just looking at the condition of the door but the suitability, installation, configuration and compatibility of components. All our fire door inspectors have particular specialist knowledge having completed the Fire Door Inspection Scheme Diploma (FDIS).

During the inspection, a label will be attached to each fire door recording the date of the inspection and demonstrating to the users of the building that the doors have been surveyed professionally.

Upon completion of the survey a report and detailed inventory will be provided with photography and any defects. As necessary recommendations will be made to bring the doors inline with current legislation.